Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Impatiently Waiting for Summer

Since our early, high temperatures several months ago, the 'wet coast' is waiting for summer to kick in ... again! I have heard numerous people complain of garden plants put in early, now going to seed. I can only assume they are confused by our hot then cool weather. Although my pickling cucumber plants have produced a few handfuls of baby dills, the plants are only about a foot long. Several days ago I covered them with hoops and plastic and hope they perk up. Crazy... for July!!

It has been difficult to dry the garlic bed. I removed the mulch and stopped watering several weeks ago. We have had sprinkles of rain the past few days and my next available day to harvest is calling for 80% rain. In a panic, I pulled the garlic this afternoon when the sun came out. The roots held onto more soil than I wanted, it was still a bit too damp. Now that it is pulled, I just have to deal with it. 
Transporting the 2016 garlic harvest to the shed

We were at a friends place on the long weekend and toured their garlic harvest. The garlic was tied in bunches, with the roots removed, and hanging in a breezy open shed. I have always left the roots on for drying, but this year because they held so much soil, I decided to try cutting the roots from some of each variety. My 2015 garlic harvest featured photos and information for a few different options of drying. This year, most of the garden is a week or two ahead of last year. The garlic was pulled on July 9th in 2015 and on the 5th this year. I would have preferred to wait another 3-4 days, but again, with the threat of rain, decided early is probably better.

Time will tell if I made the right decision to harvest a bit early ...and to cut off the roots. At least with the rain and cool temperatures I can get a few batches of soup made for the freezer and not feel guilty about being inside. 

Till next time... Happy Gardening and Bon App├ętit! 

Photo by Sally Rae

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