Monday, May 12, 2014

Asian Market Grand Opening

Sally Rae Making Sushi

Since Leung's closed on 5th Street in Courtenay, I have been searching for a local market that carries a wide selection of Asian ingredients and imports. Most of my 'Asian specific' menus have been timed around a trip to the mainland so I could shop at T&T or H-Mart. If this is a dilemma that you also experience, I may have a solution for us all!!
I recently Googled 'Asian Groceries Vancouver Island' and found a new location in Nanaimo. Originally a very tiny store on Terminal near the ferry, 'Man Lee The Orient' has moved to a new, spacious location with free parking for fifty vehicles! I stopped in the other day to stock up for a promised Sushi Birthday Lunch for a friend. The store is jam packed with groceries; dry, fresh, frozen and imported gifts.
Their address...
Man Lee The Orient
385 Terminal Ave., Nanaimo, BC
V9R 0A4
(250) 753-6133

Owner Basil Chau was determined I visit their new website. Be sure to check
out his story and vision for this old area of Nanaimo...

Sushi prepared by Sally Rae

Photos 'Sushi by Sally Rae' ~taken by Pat Young, May 2012