Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sally's Cookbook ~ For the Love of Food

Cookbook Overview...

My new cookbook 'For the Love of Food'
is a mouthwatering selection of my monthly food columns originally published in Denman Island's local newspaper, 'The Flagstone.' Appetizers, soups, main courses, desserts, cultural dishes, heritage recipes and more.

For the Love of Food is a sweet and savory melting pot of ideas, styles and techniques. The 66 columns serve up over 350 dishes, including 25 recipes not previously published. Each column features an informative introduction that highlights the main ingredient with gardening, shopping and harvesting tips thrown in for good measure.

Emphasis is placed on the seasonal nature of the recipes by the monthly organization of each chapter. Turn to the convenient Recipe Title Index to easily locate a personal favorite, or flip through the user friendly Category Index for a broader overview of what's on the menu. No matter how you slice it,
For the Love of Food offers up a generous helping of tasty choices for every palate, every season and every occasion.  

For the Love of Food is illustrated by Peter Karsten with cover layout and design by Claire Sierra, both of Denman Island, and bound with a high quality smyth sewn binding that will lay flat on your counter and stand up to years of wear and tear.

Book Reviews...

"By following the natural seasons, from field to feast, Sally takes us on a
journey that helps us revive and redefine our food culture."


~Ronald St. Pierre, Certified Chef de Cuisine
Chef/Owner, Locals ~ Food from the Heart of the Island
Courtenay, BC

"This is the book we have all been waiting for!"

~Jane Guest, The Flagstone Editor
Denman Island, BC

"Gobble this book up. In a world of unhealthy fast foods the recipes in
For The Love Of Food provides meals our bodies will love."

~Debbie Froese, JD Farms Specialty Turkey
Langley, BC

"For The Love Of Food is more than a cookbook, it is a celebration of good
food with clear directions on how to get there. This one is a winner!"

~John Dillon, Denman Island, BC

"This West Coast gem is a must in the kitchen!"

~Del Phillips, Denman Island, BC

Until next time ... Bon Appétit!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome, Meet the Chef

Chef Sally Rae
Hi, I'm Sally Rae Dyck also known as 'Gourmet by Sally Rae'. Under this name I teach specialty cooking classes and have written a monthly food column for our local Denman Island publication The Flagstone for over 13 years.  

Now available is my cookbook entitled "For the Love of Food" a compilation of my columns previously published in The Flagstone.
I have been a Certified Professional Cook since 1979 and was awarded my Red Seal Qualification in 1981.

More about Sally Rae...
I have lived on Denman Island since 1990 and for three years was an Associate Member of the North Vancouver Island Chef’s Association. 

Like many full-time residents of Denman Island, I grow an organic vegetable garden that supplies fresh produce twelve months of the year. Growing up in Alberta, I learned valuable lessons in gardening, harvesting, storing and preparing seasonal fresh food from the family business. Wallish Greenhouses, founded by my maternal grandparents John and Sally Wallish, supplied fresh produce to the Edmonton area since 1919.

I welcome you to a collection of seasonal, fresh recipes, ideas and tips on cooking, entertaining and gardening. 

Until next time ... Bon Appétit!

Chef Photo by D. Lacasse
Garden Photo - courtesy of istock