Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garlic Update 2016

Garlic drying - Day14
Garlic drying - Day 1
It has been several weeks since the garlic was pulled. As forecast, the rain and overcast sky appeared on what was planned as my harvest day. I was happy to get the job done a few days early during a sunny moment!

The drying racks are old window screens. They are elevated off the ground, with a fan at one end for increased air circulation. Full details of curing, cleaning and storing your garlic harvest was covered in last years garlic post.

Through our dreary, rainy, July days, these adorable knee high, 'Music Box Sunflowers' from Salt Spring Seeds were they only ray of sunshine in the yard
'Music Box Sunflowers' from Salt Spring Seeds

Till next time... Happy Gardening and Bon App├ętit!

Photos by Sally Rae 

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  1. I imagine an entire winter of garlic-herbed everything. Yum!