Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spaceships in the Garden

Bennings Green Tint Patty Pan
Yesterday a friend asked, "How is your squash this year?" As our conversation progressed, we realized that it must be a great squash year! The summer squash is always abundant to the point of 'just too much'... and so far, the winter squash are plentiful and large. 
I am the sole person in our household who eats zucchini and summer squash. So why on earth would I put in 8 plants for one person? I love patty pan squash, they look like tiny spaceships, and this year I have both the Bennings Green Tint (pale green) and my favorite Starship (dark green). I pick the patty pans when 1-2 inches across, perfect to pan-fry whole or cut in half. 
My second line of attack on this never ending crop, is a jar of my 'Bean Salad Marinade' waiting in the fridge for left-overs (For the Love of Food-pg. 156). Steamed, pan fried, roasted or grilled; left-over vegetables are cut into bite-size pieces, then tossed into a bowl while still warm. Add sliced red onion and pour over enough marinade to just cover...and Voila! Today's left-overs are transformed into a salad for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.

Starship Patty Pan
I don't know how many times I have been asked, "What do I do with the humongous squash I found?" My first answer is, "throw it over the fence for the deer." Your next option, split it open and feed it to the chickens or let it keep growing and enter it in the Fall Faire. In my opinion, if your fingernail will not easily pierce the skin, it is not worth eating! I pick every second day or when I am watering. It is much more enjoyable to eat 6-8 adorable, miniature spaceships than one large, flavorless squash, be it patty pan or zucchini. My next post will feature a soup recipe to use up an abundance of medium sized summer squash. Stay tuned, until then... Bon Appetit!

 Photos taken in Sally's garden August 2014

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