Friday, August 1, 2014

Man, Look at Those Strawberries!

Strawberry season is in full swing on the Islands. I have grown an ever-bearing variety called 'Seascape' for about the past 5 years. The June crop is always a bit disappointing; low production, smaller berries and the never ending battle with bugs and birds, especially robins and their hungry babies! 

Seascape strawberries from my garden on Denman Island

Strawberries are my favorite summer fruit, so I get a bit anxious waiting for the second crop. It is finally here! The berries are absolutely huge, firm, sweet and juicy. Perfect for Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, serving with a Chocolate Fondue, or with Angel Food Cake and sweet whipped cream. My favorite... to eat them fresh, warmed by the summer sun while picking in the garden!
Check out the strawberry recipes in my cookbook, 'For the Love of Food'; from measurements and freezing directions to 'Fresh Strawberry Salsa' and 'Fresh Strawberry Flambe'. 
Bon Appetit!

Photo by Sally Rae

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