Sunday, April 11, 2021

Bin 4 Burger Lounge - Nanaimo, BC

My Big Fat Greek Burger (half), Chippies, Rings and 2 dips
New Covid-19 restrictions are in place for restaurants in BC ... some establishments with outdoor patios can retain outdoor service with limited seating and otherwise all are restricted to take-out only. 

A while back I saw a segment on CHEK News, Victoria featuring 'Bin 4 Burger Lounge'. I immediately checked out their website, burger menu, found a location in Nanaimo and emailed a friend suggesting when we can get together, "... let's meet at Bin 4 in Nanaimo!!!"

I was in Nanaimo last week, a rare occasion through Covid and made the trip equipped with my take out order, phone number and address for Bin 4 Burger Lounge. An easy to find location in the little strip mall right next to Costco. The young woman on the phone was friendly, pleasant and helpful. I placed a large order, enough for at least two people but I had one burger for lunch and another to bring home for dinner. I couldn't make a decision on just one burger and because of Covid stay close to home, so I wanted to order a good assortment. I was not disappointed!! 

Personalized Thank You!
I placed my order by phone, was told it would be ready in 15 minutes, got directions then drove to the restaurant. I was thrilled that they ask if you want cutlery ... which I did not ... so they get points for that detail! I entered the deserted dining room, paid with a VISA tap and went outside for a few minutes while I waited for my food to be finished and packed. While waiting, a Police officer got out of a black Chevy crew cab truck with a canopy and trailer hitch, walked inside, came out and carried on to the next restaurant. I assumed checking that the Covid restrictions were being followed.

I eagerly unpacked my BIG bag of take out in the car and noticed even though there was next to no personal interaction because of Covid, there were notes written on everything ... including the outside of the bag! 'Thank you!' on one side below the logo and a heart with my name on the other side. A heart warming, personal touch in this physically distanced world we live in right now. Each crisp, white box had beautiful penmanship of what was inside... 'Chicken of the Sea Burger', 'Biggest Fattest Greek Burger', 'Chippies', 'Diparoos', '1/2 Rings' and '1/2 Fries'. Yup lots of food and the personal touch of 'notes' in all this Covid weirdness!! 

Chicken of the Sea Burger with Truffle Aioli
Each burger comes with a choice from 3 sides; I had their 'Spiced Potato Chips' with both burgers, a dip, and Irene's Bakery Signature Bun (also available a Butter Lettuce Stack), a gluten free bun is available for an additional $2.

It was early afternoon and I was famished, so dug into the 'Chicken of the Sea Burger' ~seared rare sesame crusted Ahi tuna, olive tapenade, chipotle aioli, fresh cucumber, cilantro yogurt, tomato, butter lettuce and red onion. 

My Big Fat Greek Burger
The bun was incredible; tender yet firm enough to hold all the fixins'. I chose truffle aioli as the dip and was more than half way through devouring the burger and realized I had not taken a photo!!! Ooops!!

The 'My Big Fat Greek Burger' ~BC lamb, olive tapenade, oregano yogurt, goat cheese, fresh cucumber, roasted garlic aioli, tomato, butter lettuce and red onion... came home for super. The side was 'Spiced Potato Chips' (that became movie snacks a few days later) and bacon aioli dip. 

Mega Red Onion Rings
Even though it was too much to eat while 'on the road' I had to try their 'Half and Half' Starter ~half house cut Kennebec French Fries and half Panko crusted Red Onion Rings adorned with shaved parmigiano and another 2 dips... I chose roasted garlic aioli and chipotle bourbon bbq sauce.

The Red Onion Rings are very wide slices of luscious sweet, red onion in a crunchy Panko crust with a shaving of parmigiano and a dip. The photos taken in the car with my phone don't do justice to this burger, chips and ring feast from Bin 4 Burger Lounge. I fell off the Paleo Diet wagon on this take out but it was so worth it! I highly recommend Bin 4 Burger Lounge the next time you are in ... or traveling through Nanaimo! Support your local restaurants through Covid ... order take out!

Until next time ... Bon App├ętit  ...stay healthy, be safe, wear a mask and take good care!

Photos by Sally Rae
Take-out food order by 'Bin 4 Burger Lounge', Nanaimo, BC