Saturday, December 2, 2017

Starship Enterprise Cake

When the party theme is Star Trek, it doesn't matter the age... Trekkies both 
young and old will be impressed with this beauty!
Starship Enterprise Cake
When attempting a 'replica cake', assemble models, photos, blueprints or illustrations showing the detail required for the cake and sketch out your project. 
Cake batter ready for the oven

Use a heavy cake batter recipe, pound cake works well.
This ensures it will be easy to carve into the shapes needed and remain sturdy for construction without crumbling. Consider the shapes needed for the finished cake and bake different shapes or sizes to have less cut edges to deal with when frosting. Any elevated pieces can be shaped using Rice Krispy treats for less weight.
Elevated supports and engines made of Rice Krispy treats

For this project, a piece of cardboard, cut to replicate the Starfleet assignment patch worn on the left breast of the uniforms, was covered in silver tissue paper. The cake requires dowlings and skewers for stability and support. A larger styrofoam piece was covered in black tissue paper and placed below the cake board. Edible star-shaped sequins (from the Bulk Barn) added, then both boards covered in plastic wrap.  
Cake board, styrofoam and dowlings

The cakes are cut and shaped, Rice Krispy treat sections shaped, then the cakes covered with a thin layer of frosting called a 'crumb coat'. The crumb coat seals in stray crumbs before the second layer of frosting is applied. It also shores up the cakes' basic shape giving clean edges and straight sides. The crumb coated cake must be chilled until the frosting is set before applying the second frosting.
Allow frosting to 'firm up' at room temperature

A 6" cake separator was used to elevate the main body of the cake and three dowlings are pushed through the cake, cake board and into the styrofoam then cut level with the cake top with clean garden pruners. The Rice Krispy treat supports and engines have numerous wooden skewers inserted to stabilize the height and weight. 

The second coat of frosting is smoothed onto all surfaces and allowed to sit at room temperature until dry enough to touch. When the frosting does not stick to your finger when gently touched, smooth any imperfections with your hand over a piece of plastic wrap. Pipe the detail onto the cake using the assembled drawings, models or illustrations you gathered in the beginning. Sparklers give a great effect... insert through the back of the 2 engines.
An edible Starship Enterprise!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial post as much as I enjoyed creating this cake!
Till next time...  Bon Appétit!

Photos by Sally Rae
Starship Enterprise Cake by Sally Rae