Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Bowls of Beautiful Berries!

Big, sweet and juicy ... Seascape Strawberries
 from Windhover Farm
In celebration of summer, I set out for my annual ritual of strawberry picking, at Windhover Farm on Dove Creek Road.  http://comoxvalleyberries.com
It's always a pleasure to catch up with Andrea and it never feels that a year has passed us by!

Today was an impromptu trip. Waking up to an overcast sky, a slight breeze and cooler temperatures ... perfect weather for a few hours in the field. These beauties will be enjoyed fresh for a few days and the rest frozen for winter; destined for breakfast smoothies and possibly a batch of Strawberry/Blackberry Jam.
This is my third year picking summer strawberries at Windhover Farm. For some reason the June berries come and go, and I miss the window every year. Not to worry, the Seascape plants in my garden produce a far more impressive crop in the summer and early fall. The Burch Family farm grows my favorite variety, Seascape, along with Tristar and a few others. The blueberries and raspberries are all but finished but the strawberries are getting their second wind, are plentiful and easy to pick. Enough chatter... I have 18 pounds of strawberries waiting for me!!
Thanks Andrea, Happy gardening and see you next year!

Till next time... Bon Appetit!

Photo and strawberry picking by Sally Rae 

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