Monday, March 28, 2016

Tiny Eggs ...from Denman!

Bantam Hen eggs on left ~ Regular hen eggs on right
Years back, after writing a food column for the Flagstone on 'Quail Eggs', I had a conversation with a Denmanite at the Saturday Market. She asked, "Why don't you create recipes using local eggs from the Island?" 
A fair enough question. My answer, 'I love to use adorable miniature food when I can find it... quail eggs being one of my favorites!" I continued with my quail egg obsession and wrote a Blog Post on the topic again in November of 2014. 

I support shopping the local farmers and growers, so that conversation stuck in the back of my mind. I love 'Pickled Eggs' in any size but pickled quail eggs in particular are a great conversation piece! I digress... back to local eggs. 
When we moved to Denman Island in 1990, I sold fresh, free range, brown shell eggs supplied by my flock of 30 hens and a handsome rooster named Rory. I loved the hens, besides providing the most incredible eggs, they were a constant source of entertainment. I am considering a smaller flock these days and looking into the beautiful, small eggs from Bantam hens.
Pickled Bantam Eggs ~ 22 per quart!
Bantam Hens require a considerably smaller coupe or chicken tractor compared to the space required for regular sized laying hens. Also, they lay adorable, small eggs ...that can be found on Denman!! This quart was made using the 'Pickled Eggs' recipe on page 226 of my cookbook, 'For the Love of Food'. This is a great way to use up any hard boiled, decorated eggs (of any size) leftover from Easter. Just peel the eggs and pack into a sterilized quart sealer with sliced onion and the brine.
To prepare the Bantam eggs... cook to hard boiled, 7-8 minutes, run under cold water, peel, cool and brine. Pack sliced onions and Bantam eggs 20-22 per jar!! 

Till next time... Bon App├ętit!

Photos by Sally Rae

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