Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Cook a 10lb. Turkey in 2-1/2 hours

I can't remember when I first used 'LOOK Oven Bags', but to this day I keep a package on hand for a quick, easy, no mess turkey dinner.

Available in grocery stores in the food wrap aisle
*The cooking time will vary for 
different sized turkeys.*

The easy to use directions and chart are provided on the package...

Preheat oven as directed for specific meat. DO NOT use 'LOOK Oven Bags' at temperatures higher than 400F.

1.) Add a tablespoon of flour to the bag and shake to coat, to protect against bursting. 
2.) Season the meat and place in the bag. Add liquid if called for. Close bag with plastic tie that is provided.
*Chef's Note: Before closing the bag; I add a few fresh sage leaves, 4-6 whole garlic cloves, 3-4 stalks of chopped celery and 2 large onions quartered. 
3.) In the top of the bag, cut six, half inch slits and place the meat in bag in a large baking pan. The oven bag should not hang over the pan. 
4.) Place pan on lowest rack of oven, allowing room for bag to expand without touching oven walls or racks. Bake following the directions from the chart for; roast beef, roast pork, ham, whole chicken or whole turkey stuffed or unstuffed. Or until the internal temperature of the thigh meat reaches 180F (85C).  
5.) To serve, carefully open bag to avoid steam. 
Season, close bag with tie, place in large pan

The meat stays moist in the bag. The resulting juices can be strained and used for a delicious gravy and clean up is a snap. If you are expecting a beautiful looking, photo-ready, cooked bird, forget this method... go back to oven roasting and get out your turkey baster! 
On the other hand, if you want an easy method where you don't have to baste or watch the bird and clean up is a breeze, this method is great!

You will find 'LOOK Oven Bags' at your local grocery store in the aisle with food wraps.

Till next week...

Happy Cooking and Bon App├ętit!

PS~be sure to check out the comment below on cooking goose in a 'LOOK!' oven bag!  sr

Photos by Sally Rae     

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  1. After Christmas I received an interesting comment about the 'LOOK!' oven bags from a self professed 'fan' of my Blog. I love goose and never thought of trying it in a 'LOOK!' bag! I asked Elfi a few questions, including permission to post her information and she willingly allowed me to share her experience...
    Elfi wrote...

    "I read your blog on cooking the turkey, bought a goose, bought the LOOK bag and cooked it. It was the best goose I had ever prepared!"
    "I didn't do a thing to the goose while cooking remembering your comments that the turkey didn't need basting while it cooked in the LOOK bag. When I opened the bag (after cooking) I carefully poured the excess fat into a container for use during the year. I keep it in the freezer. There are German recipes, such as red cabbage, that use goose fat.
    Thank you dear friend, Elfi"

    Thank you Elfi!!