Friday, December 12, 2014

Gifts From Your Kitchen

Finish up your Christmas shopping without leaving home! Homemade condiments, jams, baking etc. are always welcome gifts. Especially to those friends or relatives who do not make such things for themselves. If you have a few goodies assembled and packaged, you are never at a loss for a suitable gift for those hard-to-please friends, stocking stuffers, as a hostess gift, or as parting gifts for your guests.
Use interesting or antique bottles and decanters, fancy tins and festive cellophane to package your creations. For a larger gift, assemble a gift basket. Choose a theme; gourmet feast, coffee and biscotti, teatime, breakfast jam basket... the possibilities are endless.
My cookbook, 'For the Love of Food' is a gift in itself and features many of my favorite recipes suitable for giving. In years past, I would bake an assortment of 12 'fancy' cookies and squares. Festive boxes and cupcake papers can be found at Dollar Stores and used to create a beautiful box of assorted goodies. This year I have prepared and packaged; 'Sugar n' Spice Nut Mix', 'Caramel Nut Popcorn', 'Fruit and Nut Bark' and 'Chocolate Truffles' for those with a sweet tooth. And for those who prefer savory; 'Pickled Eggs' (with quail eggs), 'Aunt Stella's Pickles In-a-Pail' and 'Mini Dill Pickles with Garlic'. (These three gifts must be kept refrigerated.)
Mini Dills, Aunt Stella's Pickles, Pickled Quail Eggs

Package and label your gifts in decorative jars with festive fabric or ribbon tied on the lid. For sweet gifts use fancy jars, food safe cello bags or wrap in cellophane tied with a ribbon for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. These delectable treats from your kitchen are easy and enjoyable to make.
Avoid the commercial madness of the season, go back to the days of handmade gifts that show you care. Friends and family of all ages will appreciate your delicious treats... made with love. 

Until next time... Happy Holidays and Bon App├ętit!

Photos by Sally Rae ~ Gifts from Sally's Kitchen 2014
*All recipes from 'For the Love of Food'

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