Friday, October 3, 2014

The 'Perfect Pickler'

Since reading an incredible little book titled 'The Cultured Cabbage', I have been inspired to produce and consume fermented vegetables. These lactic acid-fermented vegetables are not only tasty but highly nutritious and low in calories. Research shows that lactic acid-fermented foods stimulate digestive secretions, detoxify and activate the intestines to prevent constipation. They support the body's immune system, eliminate disease causing 'bad' bacteria and reintroduce friendly 'good' bacteria which are necessary for healthy digestion.  
First test... day one, just brine and cauliflower
My initial search was for a fool-proof crock, specifically a German-made Harsch Stoneware Fermentation Crock. The price and shipping costs were discouraging to say the least. Then I found information on a small, jar top, single batch fermentation system called 'The Perfect Pickler'. 

Not an easy find locally, but I managed to get one at Buckerfield's in Nanaimo. My first test was a quart jar of organic cauliflower. It took four days to complete fermentation at the specified temperature, then I promptly devoured the quart within the next few days. 
I was hooked!
Since February I have made a few recipes from their 'Instruction CookBooklet'; Garlic-Pepper Sauerkraut, Hot and Mild Euro-Kimchi, Full Sour Garlicky Dill Pickles, Dilled Cauliflower, and recently (see below) a 2 quart jar of Euro-Kimchi and red & green cabbage Sauerkraut. Just a few days ago, my final harvest of Cool Breeze cucumbers were transformed into Full Sour Garlicky Dills with daikon radish slices.
The Perfect Pickler System fits onto any size of wide mouth canning jar. It is quick and easy to use, making fresh cultured vegetables at home.
Euro-Kimchi ~ Red and Green 'Kraut ~ Dills with Daikon

I had a conversation with Gloria about stocking this item at Denman Hardware and am thrilled to say they are now listed as a retailer on the website at 
If you are interested, contact Gloria at Denman Hardware (250) 335-2400.
Till next week, Bon Appetit!

Photos ~ February and October 2014 ~ by Sally Rae


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    1. Yes JP, I am getting a bit more creative with ingredients and I love the color with the red cabbage in the 'kraut!