Saturday, September 13, 2014

Food Recall Warning

Voluntary Recall on Product
I just received a letter from Costco stating there is a Voluntary Recall on 'MaraNatha Almond Butter', sold in a 737g jar, Costco #616049. This recall is due to the possible presence of salmonella in the product. The affected best before dates range from 2014DE08 to 2015JN20.
The letter reads, "If you have a recalled product, do not consume it. Those who have the affected item should return the product to Costco Wholesale for a full refund. 
For more information, please contact nSPIRED Natural Foods, Inc., at 1-800-716-8962 (9am-9pm ET, Mon-Fri)." 

Since sharing this info with friends and family, an interesting website was brought to my attention... the CFIA - Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The link below will take you to their page of Food Recall Warnings. You can 'Subscribe to e-mail notifications' of  high-risk food recall warnings and classes of warnings for allergens.

The person who sent me this information received a warning through the CFIA by e-mail almost a week before I received my letter from Costco. In the case of severe allergies this could be a life saving link!

Photo by Sally Rae 

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