Friday, January 23, 2015

The Need for Seed

In a normal year, I would have feverishly pored over the seed catalogs as they arrived a month ago! For 2015, I have decided to give my soil a rest; fallow the main vegetable garden and plant in containers closer to the house. This will result in a much smaller 'need for seed' and I seem to have almost enough in my seed box to accommodate my plans. 
I was doing really well ...I thought... until a friend called asking about 'Cool Breeze' cucumbers. I picked up the William Dam Seeds 2015 edition and felt the excitement of Spring and soil under my nails. I have been bit by the garden planning bug!
Some of my favorite seed varieties
Last year I wrote a list of what I could not live without.... select heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, tri-color bush beans and a few scarlet runners, broccoli, romaine, mesclun mix and of course fresh herbs round out the list. Rather than start ordering, I separated those packets from the seed box into a bag with said list, so as not to loose track of 'downsizing'!  
It seems the darling 'Cool Breeze' pickling cucumber is no longer in stock due to crop failure. William Dam has 'Corentine' that looks similar and I will try them this year for comparison. The only other seed I need will be a zucchini. Yes you read it right, I cannot live without at least one zucchini plant! I pick the fruit quite small and it is difficult to find the size I prefer at the markets. I was looking for a space saver variety but recently found a very interesting video on square foot gardening. All plants, including zucchini, were staked and leaves pruned from below the fruit as it was picked. I am excited to try this method.
My sunroom has south exposure with wide shelves at windowsill height, perfect for starting seeds. This is my first attempt at strictly a container garden for food and will keep you posted. I will start the tomatoes and edible flowers in the next 3-5 weeks. Yes, some say that is far too early but between the sunroom and portable greenhouse it works. 
Till next week, wishing you a successful growing season and Bon Appetit! 

Photo and seed selection by Sally Rae
William Dam Seeds  

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  1. Good luck with the downsizing. I have a feeling it's going to be tempting to spread out.